As a co-creative priest with over 20 years of experience in ordained ministry, The Rev. Stacy Williams-Duncan integrates teaching and learning, research and practice, theological education and ministry in and beyond parish, school, seminary, and digital contexts. In addition to serving as a parish priest, through Learning ForTE she shares her expertise in pedagogy, curriculum design, change management, and digital learning. With her research partner, The Rev. Kyle Oliver, Stacy created the Digital Literacy Toolkit. She also developed Chaplains Engage, a series that explores school chaplaincy as an effective ministry model in any context.

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Learning ForTE supports organizations and individuals seeking to increase their capacity to offer formal and informal learning opportunities in hybrid and digital environments.

Digital Literacy for Ministry is an empirically identified set of competencies that facilitate embodied, communal, constructive, and dispositional leadership for lay and ordained leaders.

Chaplains Engage encourages people to consider that chaplaincy, which begins with the commitment to engage and honor people where they are, might prove to be an effective model for 21st Century ministry.

A priest since 2000, Stacy describes herself as being in her ministry’s 4th season while always centered on Christian Formation. She is currently the part-time Rector of Little Fork Episcopal Church.

Small Churches Big Impact

Part-time rectors sharing our transformative experiences as leaders of small congregations, curating stories and resources that go beyond a “baby big church" model, exploring congregational vitality that honors small church charisms, and challenging assumptions about who serves in small churches.

The Rev. Stacy Williams-Duncan is a co-creative priest who fulfills her vocation by integrating teaching and learning, research and practice, theological education and ministry within and beyond the parish, seminary, and digital contexts.

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