Video 1 provides a basic introduction to Evangelism and Chaplaincy. It introduces our thesis:  that for Episcopalians in the 21st-century, evangelism looks more like chaplaincy than other denominational ideas of evangelism. Consequently, we invite people to consider that postmodern evangelism may not necessarily have to do with church growth

Video 2 is about the starting point of Asking, one of the first steps in evangelism. Starting meaningful conversations with strangers, or even with people we know, can be daunting. This video and discussion discuss the reasons behind this social discomfort and provides skills for overcoming it in order to engage in successful evangelism.

Video 3 delves into Listening to what people have to say. We explore beginning ways in which a ministry of presence transcend passivity. This video is the transition to a more theological lens on our topic, as our interactions with people are presented in the context of the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives. There are further active listening skills suggested through the lesson plans.

Video 4 is about how we Tell our story and our experience. We focus on standing in our own truths, not browbeating strangers or making sure they get saved. We encourage listeners to focus on the witness and experience of God’s love in your own life, and the means and ways to share that when it’s appropriate. We also provide the last of the theological context necessary for congregations to wholly rethink their evangelical efforts.