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Digital Media for Ministry: Asset Mapping

Conference Poster of initial research.


Digital Literacies for Ministry: A Qualitative Study of Theological Educators Preparing Students for New Media Engagement.

Oliver, K. M., Williams-Duncan, S., & Kimball, E. M. (2020). Digital literacies for ministry: A qualitative study of theological educators preparing students for new media engagement. Ecclesial Practices, 7(1), 117–137


Reassessing Embodiment and Its Role in Developing Digital Literacies for Ministry

Williams-Duncan, S., & Oliver, K. M. (2020). Reassessing embodiment and its role in developing digital literacies for ministry. In H. A. Campbell (Ed.), The Distanced Church: Reflections on Doing Church Online (pp. 86–90). College Station, TX: Digital Religion Publications.


Faith Leaders Developing Digital Literacies: MLE Across Career Stages in a Professional Context

Oliver, K. M., & Williams-Duncan, S. (2019). Faith leaders developing digital literacies: demands and resources across career stages according to theological educators. Journal of Media Literacy Education, 11(2), 122-145.