The Learning ForTE team is composed of highly creative professionals.   In addition to working part time at Learning Forte, we are dedicated to our other ministries & passions. Curious? Just ask us!

Stacy Williams Duncan

Founder, Learning & Change Strategist

As a co-creative priest with over 20 years of experience in ordained ministry, The Rev. Stacy Williams-Duncan integrates teaching and learning, research and practice, theological education and ministry in and beyond parish, school, seminary, and digital contexts. In addition to serving as a parish priest, through Learning ForTE she shares her expertise in pedagogy, curriculum design, change management, and digital learning. With her research partner, The Rev. Kyle Oliver, Stacy created the Digital Literacy Toolkit. She also developed Chaplains Engage, a series that explores school chaplaincy as an effective ministry model in any context.

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Renae Guthridge

Administrative Hub

Renae believes that God has gifted her with the strengths of organization, precision, patience, and empathy, which she happily uses to be a support system to those who are doing God’s work. Helping people is her joy, whether it is her family, friends, co-workers, or strangers; and she strives to be a moment of happiness to everyone she meets. At Learning ForTE, Renae uses her administrative skills to keep the team organized and on task, while her naturally cheerful nature keeps everyone’s spirits uplifted.

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Sarah Stonesifer Boylan

Associate for Learning Organizations and Leadership

Sarah lives into her baptism every day. She focuses on digital teaching, coaching, resources, and training for thoughtful, innovative Christian formation, and community for all ages. She spends her time digging into social media, educational technology, and digital communications and creating digitally-savvy leaders. Continuing her passion for systems management and organizational change, she is completing her Educational Doctorate in Leadership and Learning in Organizations from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. She is also an elected member of The Episcopal Church’s Executive Council. When she’s not working, Sarah hangs out with her terrier-chihuahua, Lucas, and her husband, Brooks.

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Jenn Baker

Associate for Integrated Learning

Jenn Baker heard the call to Education as a young adult and has focused her career on creating environments and choosing methods that promote learning and support all learners. Whether it’s a physical classroom or an online platform, she wanted to provide the space and the resources to inspire people to explore ideas and challenge themselves within community. Theological Education offers a special context for Jenn to use her skills, alongside her faith, to support seminaries in creating spaces that equip faith leaders.

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Carissa Riedesel

Executive Assistant & Client Connection

Carissa Riedesel follows multiple vocations in the arts & administration. Alongside her position as Executive Assistant at Learning ForTE, she serves as Wintergreen Music’s Marketing and Development Assistant & Festival Box Office Manager. She came into her second position after being awarded an Arts Administration Leadership Fellowship in Patron Experience with Wintergreen in Summer 2019. She completed her Master of Music in Voice Performance at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. Ms. Riedesel currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia, studying classical repertoire with soprano Arianna Zukerman and musical theater repertoire with baritone N. Thomas Pedersen. She is happily married to the Rev. Deacon Charles “Chip” Russell.

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Ataira Franklin

Video and Media Designer

Ataira Franklin is a digital artist and photographer who hopes to use her creativity to effectively serve at Learning ForTE. She is excited to be able to work with and assist theological schools as they provide the education to drive The Great Commission. Ataira attended the University of Virginia, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, and she looks forward to using this knowledge as a member of the Learning ForTE team.

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Tania Schramm

Associate for Community Design

Tania Schramm combines experience in communications and information technology systems development with a calling to ministry and faith formation. Her professional background in user experience design, as a systems analyst, and her M.Div. prepared her to accompany people who seek to engage, minister, teach, and learn in digital environments. Tania is particularly interested in faith formation and discipleship, the intersection of faith and justice, and building communities that equip and support people in living out their faith in their daily lives.


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Reba Balint

Sub Contractor

Reba Balint is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and social media manager. She is currently a Master of Divinity student at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and hopes to build a career within the intersection of theological education and art. At Learning ForTE! Reba has used her creative and management skills to design visual aspects and build content for the website, in future months she will be launching social media platforms for Learning ForTE.

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Sam Sheridan

Sub Contractor

Sam is an ordained Episcopal Priest in the Diocese of Virginia. His call to ministry is deeply rooted in the desire to share tools for formation with children and adults, particularly in online spaces. Sam believes we all now navigate a world where suddenly billions of people have access to virtually unlimited information, and we should have the tools and training to figure out which of it is good. His background is in Five-Star hotel and events management, bronze sculpture, and youth ministry—depending on what cause you have for asking.

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William Boyles

Sub Contractor

The Rev. William R. Boyles is passionate about higher education, faith formation, and praxis in his own ministry. Beginning with his academic research in digital spectroscopy and illuminated manuscripts, and culminating in his most recent studies of missiological aesthetics in a post-secular society; William’s studies often send him to the interdisciplinary intersection of digital and artistic work. He is eager to use his gifts and talents as a consultant for Learning ForTE! and answering the call to re-imagine traditional learning and teaching management for the 21st century.

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Diana Duncan

Sub Contractor

Diana is an incoming freshman at New York University, majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication with an emphasis in Technology and Society as well as Interaction and Experience. Ms. Duncan currently lives in the Bay Area, California, but will soon move to NYU’s Paris Campus in January. She aspires to continue her work in social media and become the Social Media Coordinator for a large publication in New York.

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Erin Wiens St. John

Sub Contractor

Erin Wiens St. John graduated from the University of Redlands with a B.A. (’19) and is currently a postulant for ordination through the Episcopal Diocese of California. As both a Millennial and a dedicated Episcopalian, she is dedicating her career to finding creative solutions for postmodern, progressive, Protestant congregations, building bridges between her Church and her generation.