Stacy’s Journey to Ordained Ministry

Stacy first felt the call to ministry at just 15 years old. The call was so clear and undeniable that it initially scared Stacy, causing her to do everything she could to delay it. During college, when she told God she didn’t want to be a minister, she would end up with a job in a church. After college, she ceded to God that instead of ordination, she would teach. This concession led her to Vanderbilt Divinity School, where she finally relented and accepted God’s call to ordained ministry.

Stacy completed her Master of Divinity at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, where she was grounded in Baptismal Covenant theology, Reign of God ethics, and the inclusivity of God’s Radical Welcome. Stacy was ordained as an Episcopal priest in 2000. In over 20 years as an Episcopal Priest, Stacy has served Episcopal parishes and schools on both the West and East Coasts.

Stacy describes herself as being in the fourth season of a ministry centered on Christian Formation. Stacy understands all ministry as deeply grounded in the Episcopal Church’s Baptismal Covenant. She believes the ministry of all Christians is equally important in the eyes of God. While her ordination was the singular moment which authorized Stacy as a priest in the Episcopal Church, she believes baptism is the source of her ministry because baptism is our first response to God’s love and redemption. Stacy views her call to priesthood as particular, but not extraordinary.

Stacy and another priest are wearing their vestments and enjoying a moment of success after church. 
Stacy and one of her seminary friends are wearing their clerical collars and enjoying a reunion with many other friends.  
The Reverend Stacy Williams-Duncan sits in her church robes with a group of children in front of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church altar for a teaching moment 
The Reverend Stacy Williams-Duncan leads an outdoor church service during the COVID-19 pandemic, standing by a simple altar in a grove of cherry trees with a field in the background.