A simple word logo for 'Little Fork Episcopal Church' the top text is a turquoise color and the bottom text is a dark grey.
A black and white pen illustration of the exterior of Little Fork Episcopal Church’s colonial box design with two lampposts in front. 
Little Fork Episcopal Church – Artwork by Reba Balint

Little Fork History

Today, Little Fork Episcopal Church is an intergenerational church where people from age 5 to 90 gather to worship, learn, and serve together. To our congregation, ‘church’ is a community of faith, a place of fellowship and love. We believe in the healing love of Jesus and how necessary it is for life’s deepest hurts. As in centuries before, Little Fork’s rural serenity is a place of respite for our hearts and souls.

Little Fork Church’s long and interesting history began in 1776 as the third church on this site. While how and how often people worship at Little Fork has changed over the years, those who attend today find comfort knowing generations have prayed in the same building we gather in each week. Both the church and ground are steeped in prayer, and it is easy to believe it is holy ground.

Artwork by Reba Balint

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