Personal Story

At her core, The Rev. Stacy Williams-Duncan understands her co-creativity with God as integral to her identity. With an eye for aesthetics, she quilts, designs, paints, arranges flowers, and takes particular joy in decorating holy spaces- creating beautiful places for God and God’s people.

The church has always been important to Stacy as one of the few truly intergenerational communities where one can grow deep friendships across age.

As a senior in college, on her first day as the Communication 100 teaching assistant, a student walked in wearing what she considered, at first glance, a pretentious ensemble…but through class, study sessions, and hanging out on the William Jewell College campus- she got to know him. She learned, despite her assumptions, he was making a statement…and thus began her relationship with Joel.

Now, after twenty-three years of marriage, too many moves, and a handful of dogs, Stacy prefers to spend time traveling with Joel if at all possible, and the only time she doesn’t hate grocery shopping is when she does it with him.

Both Joel and Stacy grew up in Oklahoma where their parents still live. Their family includes siblings in Texas, their close friends across the country, and their amazing-young-adult-godchildren (every one of them, just ask). Stacy values her “found family” and encourages everyone to invest in their own. Together Joel and Stacy raise beautiful Flatcoated Retrievers for show and companionship, but mostly because they love their goofy, Peter Pan nature. Through owning and loving these incredible dogs, Stacy grew to love dog people and the quirky, yet inclusive, tight-knit dog show world.