Professional Story

Stacy first felt the call to ministry at just 15 years old. The call was so clear and undeniable that it initially scared her, causing her to do everything she could to delay it. She often jokes that she and Jonah have a lot in common. 

During college, when she told God she didn’t want to be a minister, she would end up with a job in a church. After college, she ceded to God that instead of ordination, she would teach. This concession led her to Vanderbilt Divinity School and a year of formation that, to this day, shapes how she views the world, theology, and her responsibility as an ordained person. After her year in Nashville, two years in Kansas City working at a teen homeless shelter, as a nanny, and a youth minister, she married Joel and moved to Berkeley, California to complete her M.Div. at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

A priest since 2000, Stacy understands her ministry as deeply grounded in the Episcopal Church’s Baptismal Covenant. She believes the ministry of all Christians is equally important in the eyes of God. While her ordination was the singular moment which authorized Stacy as a priest in the Episcopal Church, she believes baptism is the source of her ministry because baptism is our first response to God’s love and redemption. Stacy views her call to priesthood as particular, but not extraordinary.

During the first season of her ministry, Stacy served two congregations in the Diocese of California with responsibilities for lifelong formation. During a very different second season, she served as a school chaplain at two schools, the second being the National Cathedral School for Girls in Washington, DC. This led her to a third season of voluntarily sitting in the pews and working as a supply priest while studying at the University of Virginia School of Education and Human Development.

Currently, in what she calls her fourth season, Stacy is cultivating all the seeds she has planted. This season connects her past in education and ministry to help others in their work. She currently serves as the part-time Rector of Little Fork Episcopal Church and runs Learning ForTE Consulting, which facilitates formal and informal theological education by providing expertise in curriculum design, change management, and digital learning.  With her research partner, The Rev. Kyle Oliver, Stacy created the Digital Literacy Toolkit. She also developed Chaplains Engage, a series that explores school chaplaincy as an effective ministry model in any context.